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Sweet Home Dystopia - Joshua Gemmell Empty Sweet Home Dystopia - Joshua Gemmell

Post  Josh Gemmell on Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:59 am

(Time for a grim, moody poem!)

A society brainwashed by extremity,
Unities of equality, feeding on jealously.
They prey on the opposition, and then take their fill,
With a mentality which is plagued by the bitter pill.
A selfish longing, to gratify the individual,
Whilst ignoring the needs of the universal.

"Infamous bigot", they all shriek in a radical recital,
but, little do they know, 'Pseudo' should begin the title.
For they know little of my perplexing personality,
Instead they use word to dictate my identity.
As I am a man of universal equality,
and you a simple practitioners of bigotry.

Social Equality is quite an unachievable thing,
When it's followers reject the very thing that they sing.

Joshua Gemmell
Josh Gemmell
Josh Gemmell
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