Top 5 most overlooked Wii games.

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Top 5 most overlooked Wii games. Empty Top 5 most overlooked Wii games.

Post  Josh Gemmell on Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:26 am

As a Nintendo fanatic I admit that the Wii didn't have the best library in the world, most of the good games were overshadowed by shovel-ware. However there were certain 'hidden gems' which existed on the system that no-one really looked into. This a list of my favourite Wii games that were overlooked by the majority.

5. Wario Land : The Shake Dimension - The game took classic 'Wario Land' game-play and merged it with beautiful hand-drawn in-game animation. The style of the levels kind of reminded me of the colourful worlds seen in the original 'Rayman' on the PS1. The game was also larger than previous Wario games and had a mission system which gave the game more replay value.

4. De Blob - A unique action platformer game which featured the main character colouring in a large monochrome city. The game-play was really fresh, with a variety of different missions to complete. The main levels were quite large as well (later stages spanning to 45 mins). My only gripe was that the jump mechanic was a bit unreliable, but everything else was amazing.

3. No More Heroes - Just pure insanity, the game featured a Japan-obsessed geek, 'Travis Touchdown' who gets bored of his mundane life and becomes an assassin. On his way he meets a variety of other surreal assassins who attempt to kill him with a surreal weapon of some sort. Examples are a comic book obsessed delivery boy with superhuman weaponry and an old man-hating woman with a lazer cannon. The game gathered a cult following and spawned a sequel, which was just as weird as the original.

2. Zak and Wiki - A point and click game with various cute and cuddly characters, sailing on the open sea. Regardless of its cutesy characters, the game was just as complex as most point and click games and used the wii-remote effectively.

1. Little King's Story - A weird mix and match of strategy, rpg and a god sim. This game starred a cutesy little king who controlled his minions with an iron fist! Throughout the game you attacked various kingdoms and expanded your kingdom in the process. The game-play was slightly similar to Pikmin on the GCN. The soundtrack featured covers of classical music which really suited the feel of the game.

So that's my list, you may not agree with me so write your list in the comments section bellow.
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