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Post  BRE on Thu May 12, 2011 10:19 pm

A fan fiction series for Doctor Who that I started back in February 2010. It's had it's first series and the second is almost on it's way and hopefully those on here who enjoy Doctor Who will give some feedback on the first series. Important thing to remember is that this is an AU.

It features the Eleventh Doctor (Ewan McGregor) and Gloria Jacobs (Jessica Alba) as they fly through the stars saving the universe.

Series Two (2011)

CIN Special| The Progenitor Plan by BRE
Christmas Special| Tail of the Wolves by BRE
1| Slab by BRE
2| The Nightmares of Emerald City by The Brigadier
3| Brush Strokes by TDHJ
4| The Room by Jockie
5| TBA by Jockie
6| TBA by gabbie
7| TBA by swifty77
8| Project Delta by screwdriversonic and TDHJ
9| Trouble in Paradise by Rose Addict
10| The Last Chance Saloon by Rose Addict
11| The Twisted City by Cyberstudent
12| Rise of an Empire by BRE
13| End of an Empire by BRE

Series One (2010)

1| Souls and Time Lords by BRE
2| Infiltrating UNIT by BRE
3| Bow and Arrow by flopro
4| The Fatal Cure by Captain-Tybo
5| The Wind Blows by TDHJ
6| The Flames Engulf the Earth by TDHJ
7| Jaws of the Shadows by The Brigadier
8| Imagination of a Writer by dashragard
9| Hovercars by DefenderoftheEarth13
10| Rise of the Krelts by DefenderoftheEarth13
11| The Frozen Doctor by BRE
12| The Stalking Robot by BRE
13| Secret of the Doctor by BRE

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